We exist to join Middle School and High School students to

 Christ in His work of Transforming Lives.

Please visit our website, scottshillstudents.org to learn about our partnership with parents, upcoming events and other resources

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Every Wednesday at 7pm

Small Groups seek to connect students with each another on a personal level, breaking down the barriers and the walls their schools might create. Each of these Small Groups will strive to establish a safe place for students to develop real, genuine relationships. Our groups are also designed to create a comfortable atmosphere where students can engage in meaningful discussion about God’s word. We want to equip our students to study the Bible on their own. Small Groups will meet in the Cross Point Center. Doors open at 6:30pm and close at 8:45pm.

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Once a Month at 7pm

The last Wednesday of every month we want to throw a party. A party where our middle school and high school students can bring their friends who wouldn’t normally come to a church. We want these new students to experience fun with other teenagers while hearing about the life Jesus wants to give them. Hype Night is just one big celebration where students can come together to worship God and lead their friends to see Jesus for who he is. Hype Night will take place at the Cross Point CenterDoors open at 6:30pm and close at 8:45pm.

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Every Sunday at 9:30am

HIGH SCHOOLERS are encouraged to serve with one of the various ministries at Scotts Hill. Our high students will learn to be Jesus’ hands and feet as they learn the priority of serving. We also provide time for a high school group at 9:30am in the Cross Point Center.

MIDDLE SCHOOLERS: We want to teach every middle schooler that they have an incredible opportunity to take ownership of their relationship with God. As they begin that journey, they discover what it means to be the church. This takes place at 9:30am in the Cross Point Center Activity Area.