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In case you haven't noticed, we are growing!

God’s desire for the body of Christ is growth! This growth is to take place in two directions. First, we are to grow deeper in our intimacy with Christ. That is, we are to put into practice the spiritual disciplines that develop our relationship with Christ and with one another. Second, we are to grow wider in our influence with those outside the church. This takes place through missional living. We have been blessed to watch these two things take place at Scotts Hill. We have grown both deeper and wider. 

In order for us to continue to grow wider, we need more space. God is sending new people to us each week and each week we are struggling to fit these people into our current gathering space. And this will only continue because our community is growing as well. In order to accommodate such growth, we will need to add additional services. The easiest short-term solution is to return to the Cross Point Center with a video venue. Therefore, we are launching the CPC venue on January 29 during the 11 am hour

How can you help?

How can you be a part of this opportunity? First, you can participate by making a commitment to be part of the CPC gathering. Secondly, you can serve by being part of a ministry team in the CPC each Sunday morning at 11 am. Thirdly, you can invite your friends and family to join you for worship gatherings in the CPC. Finally, you can pray that God would use this venue to reach more with the gospel. 

What can you expect?

What will this venue look like? All elements of our gatherings in the CPC will be identical to what we do in the Worship Center. We will utilize the same music and flow as a worship leader, praise team and band lead us each week. The only difference will be with respect to the delivery of the message, which will be video-driven.