Join us in changing the lives of children all over the world through the power of a simple gift. Pick up an empty shoebox in the Welcome Center on our church campus.

Gift ideas: Toys (stuffed animals, foam toys or ball); Personal care items (comb, brush, toothbrush, washcloth, bar soap, blanket); school supplies (pencils, markers, crayons, notebooks). For a complete list, see

National Collection week is November 13-20. You may drop off gift-filled boxes at the Family Life Center during the following dates and times:

•    Monday, Nov. 13: 6pm -  8pm
•    Tuesday, Nov. 14: 6pm – 8pm
•    Wednesday, Nov. 15: 5pm – 8pm
•    Thursday, Nov. 16: 9am - 12pm
•    Friday, Nov. 17: 6pm - 8pm
•    Saturday, Nov. 18: 10am - 2pm
•    Sunday, Nov. 19: 8am - 4pm
•    Monday, Nov. 20: 9am - 11am