A healthy marriage requires a healthy foundation. Scotts Hill believes that healthy foundations are built on the principals outlined in God's word. Pre-marriage counseling focuses on centering your lives around Jesus and growing deeper in friendship, love, and perseverance with every new year. For those that are engaged or dating and thinking about marriage, counseling is vital in preparing your hearts for this life-long commitment.


Wedding Policies

We ask that all couples requesting pastors for ceremony officiation and the facilities of Scotts Hill Baptist Church for their wedding meet the following requirements:

  • All requests must be made 5-6 months ahead of desired wedding date to properly secure facilities and establish appropriate scheduling for pre-marriage counseling.  Facilities are not available Sundays, during church-wide events or holiday weekends.
  • At least one of the couple (or one of their parents) must be a member of Scotts Hill.
  • To begin the process, please contact our Discipleship Pastor so he can get you set up for the Online Relationship Assessment from Prepare/Enrich ($35) and the online questionnaire.
  • All couples must complete an opening interview with the Discipleship Pastor and then complete the premarital counseling course offered by the church. Wedding dates are not added to the church calendar until the start of the course.
  • Upon completion of the opening interview, a Wedding Coordinator is assigned to discuss scheduling, fees and facility usage. You will also be assigned to a mentor couple that will take you through the premarital course.
  • Scotts Hill premarital counseling is a nine-session course tailored to suit the needs of each couple. There is a small fee for this course ($20), which covers the cost of the material.
  • Failure to complete the approved counseling requirements will result in the possible postponement or cancellation of your wedding at Scotts Hill.
  • For those who may live out of town a couple must complete a premarital counseling course approved by the Discipleship Pastor.
  • Upon completion of the premarital course the couple will need to set up appointments with the officiating pastor in order to discuss the course evaluation and to plan the service.
  • All pastors on staff follow these policies.
  • Modifications to sets, lights, and staging must be discussed before the finalized wedding date and are limited to the discretion of Scotts Hill and the acting Technical Coordinator and/or Disicpleship Pastor.