Our purpose is to come alongside young adults to cultivate a biblical worldview and an intimate, life-transforming relationship with Jesus.




We aspire to create a family atmosphere  a place where brothers and sisters are free to be transparent about their lives and a place where they will be accepted as the person they have been made to be in Christ. We want to build an atmosphere where we are patient in struggles, accepting each others' uniqueness, serving one another and rejoicing in the truth.

Fall Launch | Monday August 26 at 6pm

Cross Point Center Red Room

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Our Group Nights take place on Monday Nights at 6pm in the Upper Room of the Cross Point Center. We gather as a community to worship, share a meal, sing praises and read Scripture. These gatherings are specifically for college students & young adults, tailored to fit their needs and designed to gather a unified community to tackle these needs.


We've been created to experience life with others! We help develop a community with other college students during our group nights and with our church body through Connect Groups. These groups meet at various times on Sunday and throughout the week. They challenge us into spiritual growth, allows us to have wisdom poured into us from others, and opens us up to have fun! If you’d like to get connected to one of these groups, or if you have any questions about how to get involved, please email college@scottshill.org