Covenant Membership

Becoming a member of Scotts Hill is a commitment to Jesus Christ, to the Scotts Hill family, to spiritual growth and discipleship, and spiritual transformation. Because we desire membership to be meaningful, specific steps must be taken before a person can become a member:


All prospective members are required to attend our Membership Matters class. The curriculum covers our Statement of Faith, Church Covenant, the importance of church membership, our strategy for ministry and life in the church. The class will be held on three consecutive Sunday mornings at 9:30am. See below for dates on the next class and sign-up.


This is an opportunity for a prospective member to meet with a pastor to share their story of how God has transformed their life and to provide an opportunity to ask any questions concerning the church and it's ministries. The meeting is informal and designed to personalize the membership process for both the prospective member and the pastoral staff.


During our quarterly Covenant Members' Meetings a recommendation is made by the elders for covenant membership and followed by church affirmation.

Membership Matters meets for one hour over 3 consecutive weeks. Our next class will be November 3, 10, and 17 at 9:30am. Please sign up here: