Empowering Teenagers to Develop an Authentic Relationship with Jesus

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Scotts Hill Baptist Church Family Ministry exist to empower the next generation to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus.  Parents, we want to partner with you. That’s why we’re here—to link arms with you in raising your child to have a faith of their own.  Please visit our bookstore for resources that will help you lead your child through every phase.

6th-12th grade, every Wednesday doors open at 6pm

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We want to:

  • welcome every person as valuable and loved.
  • provide a unique environment where students can feel comfortable and have fun.
  • teach biblical truths that clearly depict Jesus' love.
  • strategically plan moments of laughter, excitement, and passion to engage students heart, mind, and senses.
  • initiate relationships and begin conversations.
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We want to: 

  • connect students to another person — a small group leader — to invest in their future.
  • create a comfortable atmosphere where students can engage in deep discussion.
  • establish a safe place for students to develop deep, meaningful relationships.

Every Sunday at 9:30am

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MIDDLE SCHOOLERS(6th-8th grade): We want to teach every middle schooler that they have an incredible opportunity to take ownership of their relationship with God. As they begin that journey, they discover what it means to be the church. This takes place at 9:30am in the Cross Point Center Activity Area.

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HIGH SCHOOLERS are encouraged to serve with one of the various ministries at Scotts Hill. Our high students will learn to be Jesus’ hands and feet as they learn the priority of serving. 

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We also have a High School Group (9th-12th grade) at 9:30am in the Cross Point Center office area, located upstairs, for those that are not serving.